Restrictions Tutorial

Restrictions are the main tool for customizing the result that we get from the automatic planning and scheduling algorithms and for making sure that the automatic results that we get are tailor-made for the specific needs of our business. Learn about setting up restrictions in Qweek.

Managing Roles in Qweek

This video will walk you through the general settings screen in Qweek, explaining how to set up the regional policy, calendar policy, preferences policy and employee exchange policy.

General Setting Tutorial

This Video discusses how to set up roles in Qweek. We will go through adding new Roles, Editing existing Roles, using the color codes, managing roles in bulk and applying restrictions to roles.

Manage Employees in Qweek

This video discusses adding, editing and setting up employees in your Qweek Account.

Managing Shifts in Qweek

This video discusses shift management in Qweek. It explains how to add new shifts, copy them from week to week, define all the parameters etc...

Using Qweek as an Employee

This Video discusses the use of Qweek by the employees of the company, who can use it to submit their working preference, ask for time off, request to swap or replace a shift, retrieve their working schedule and so on...

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