We founded Qweek in 2010 with the goal of bringing real value to businesses. We have made many observations and case studies that showed how typical businesses usually manage their workforce in a sub-optimal way. This causes highly increased payroll expenses, employee and customer dissatisfaction and other adverse effects. With that in mind we have set our goal at bringing high-end, extremely sophisticated optimization tools, not only to large enterprises but also to small and medium businesses as well.
We have built our software solutions in a way that drives value creation for our customers. Our ROI is visible immediately and we can show how Qweek could have created the ultimate in payroll optimization by running a business's historical data through our powerful planning and scheduling engines. Today we offer an enterprise-class solution for workforce management and optimization (forecasting, planning and scheduling) that harnesses the power of the cloud to get the mission done and bring operational efficiency to any business.

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