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The Best Workforce Scheduling Solution

You’ve seen workforce management software before. You know that it is no good. It doesn’t save you time; it doesn’t make things easier; nobody is ever happy with the shifts. And what’s the alternative? Preparing the roster manually? It’s a nightmare!

We thought so too and so, we decided to design once and for all, a complete workforce management solution that generates fast, accurate and complaint-free roster.

Qweek is a simple-to-use and understand, web-based software for generating optimal shift schedules and managing your workforce. You simply input the workplace constraints, the needs, and the preferences of the employees and Qweek’s advanced algorithm calculates the best regulation-compliant roster.

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Qweek and Easy Features

  • Planning made simple - Qweek is a planning platform that is designed to be easy to use and understand.
  • Web-based and interactive – Qweek interface allows employees to communicate so half the time your employees will resolve their scheduling challenges by themselves (within the defined constraints).
  • Automatic open-slots suggestions – Qweek helps to fill-in open shifts by suggesting the best candidate for a time-slot and if needed, texting him or her.
  • Reducing non-compliance risks – Qweek has a regulation compliance feature embedded in its algorithm. This means that you can rest assured that law and union–rules are adhered. The smart algorithm will automatically alert of a potential incompliance and suggest an alternative.

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Qweek workforce management solution takes the hassle away from shift workforce management, saving time and effort and improving overall worker satisfaction.

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